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  151447Z APR 2013 


(NATO Helicopter for the 1990s (NH90) Design and Development, Production and Logistics Management Agency)




Consolidation of member Nations (customers) common requirements by hosting various fora on  these issues. Discussion of Nations specific requirements, thus managing the execution of the whole NH90 programme covering the design, development, production and logistics for the participating nations and adjoin nations which have also ordered the NH90.

  • NH90 Tactical Transport Helicopter (TTH)
  • NH90 NATO Frigate Helicopter (NFH)

The Organisation/Agency:

NAHEMA representing the French, German, Italian and Dutch Nations and NHlndustries, both located in Aix-en-Provence (France), signed the NH90 Design and Development Contract on 1 September 1992, the MoU stating the Production go-ahead on 8 June 2000, and the Industrialisation and 1st Batch Production Contract on 30 June 2000.

Portugal became the fifth member of NAHEMO signing the MoU on 21 June 2001. At the same time, NAHEMA and NHlndustries signed the production contract for the 10 NH90 helicopters required by Portugal.

The Nordic Countries, although being supported by NAHEMA, remained outside NAHEMO/A at their express wish. They have gathered their interests in the NHSP Office (Nordic Standard Helicopter Program) which is currently being relocated from Stockholm to Aix-en-Provence. Three additional staff members are sponsored by the NHSPO in order to account for NAHEMAs additional workload.

Greece albeit being a NATO member does not participate in NAHEMA.


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